What we eat at the table, stays at the table

My grandmother cam totown about 12 days ago. This is extra special for my mother, who feels she doesn’t spend enough time with her own mother (my grandmother). Now, Most people who read this might imagine their own grandmothers; strong women who are usually a little slow at moving around, probably a little deaf, and comfortable to just sit all day.  *Not mine*

At 92, My grandmother is a little spitfire. She wants to help with everything, she wants to be entertained, she likes to get out of the house, and even with a walker/cane gets about alright. She’s witty, and bright, and has a lot to say to anyone who may think otherwise. Her hearing is a little rough, but what she does hear she makes perfect sense of.

My mother, and my grandmother have battle scrabble games in which my grandmother always wins. Her vocabulary and good word/Math skills make her almost unbeatable. I try but I’m usually never quite as good. – I think I need practice.my mother bought a scrabble dictionary just so that my Grandmother wouldn’t cheat, if anything I think she gets higher words because of it. Plan =Backfire. 🙂

My cousin, and now my aunt have dropped by to spend a weekend and see my grandmother while she is out on this coast. It’s been fun. (By Fun, I mean we’ve been more active then we were most of the summer)

Movies, Plays, and everything else I can do while not at work. *yes* I’ve been working all summer too. Work =Money, and money is good. That’s the equation I’m going with right now. Sad but true. There are worse things in life then working in an ice-cream shop.

All that I thought was bad is now good. Free ice-cream, smelling like waffle cones, and the occasional gummy bear snack. – What could be better then that.


About Thedancingsandwich

I have a degree in Theater, Love working with plants, and am now returning to school to be a Pastry Chef.
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