Hello world!

An Ode to visionaries. Those that we know and appreciate, and those who come to dinner. Today dawns a new days worth of intimate moments waiting to be shared with friends. As the day began, we see that dreams of others really do bring about changes. Those that we see in our dreams who are close to us call, or friends that we’ve longed to hang out with are finally free. This was one of those days. In the sense of everything that is good, we invited guests to dinner and were graciously accepted with his company.

Dinner; should we call it that, was in fact a lovely enchilada casserole that was graciously prepared for our consumption. It was astoundingly good, and covered in my favorite of all things; gooey cheese. Of all dinner escapades, I got creative and made a dressing for our salad. We decided beforehand that the salad was going to be a collective mixture of ” whatever was handy on the fridge shelf.” I found miniature passionfruit on the shelf, and decided that in a moment of pure foodie nature; passionfruit would make a delightful salad dressing. I tossed the miniature passionfruit in along with garlic and salt as well as some balsamic vinegar. It was absolutely delightful. I really created something I wasn’t even sure would work. I procreated this awesome vision of deliciousness, and turned it into a fine work of art with some skill. It turned out to be a winner.

Our dinner guest, a well dressed; sweet-talking Cuban gentleman of good faith and inquisitive nature; Sat at our table tonight. He spoke of childhood aspirations and enjoyment of life, and later of theology. We later moved to the living room, and spoke further about God, aspirations of religious belief and human nature. We addressed our government and the nature of politics, as well as how enjoyable my salad dressing was. ;).

Most everything from tonight’s table talk brought about changes. Weather mental states of infrequent belief, harbored belief on policy or our conscious voting decisions. Overall, Dinner was a huge success, in my cookbook and my overall book of good things. I made both a lovely new recipe, and learned a lovely new doctrine. Both are in supply, Sandwich or no Dancing Sandwich.


About Thedancingsandwich

I have a degree in Theater, Love working with plants, and am now returning to school to be a Pastry Chef.
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